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What to see Sambuca di Sicilia

Sambuca di Sicilia: A small town in the Agrigento area located in the Sicilian hinterland of the Valle of Belice, it is placed above an artificial basin, the Arancio lake. Founded in 827 by the Arabs, it was called Zabut to remember the Arab Emir AL-Zabut who had his castle built in that place.

Today, the town still preserves the Arab traces visible in the Saracen streets that have been transformed in a living museum of Arab-Sicilian history.
In Sambuca you can visit:
– “Le Purrere”, tuffaceous quarries under the houses of the Arab quarter.
The Church of the Matrice which stands on the church dedicated to S. Barbara annexed to the castle of which it incorporates a tower transformed into a bell tower
The “Belvedere” terrace from which you can admire a stupendous panorama that borders on Giuliana, Caltabellotta and the chain of the Sicani Mountains.
Palazzo Panitteri which houses a very precious archaeological museum which houses the very rare finds from the archaeological park of Monte Adranone.
The Church of the Carmine inside which you can admire the marble statue of the Madonna dell’Udienza, by Gagini
The IDEA municipal theater built between 1848 and 1851, a jewel of local craftsmanship that has a classic horseshoe shape.
The Church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, founded in 1515 by a noble man from Sambucese, with a single nave; inside the side altars are represented by the four virtues: Hope, Charity, Faith and Justice.
Ex Pietro Caruso Hospital where the textile sculptures of the French artist Sylvie Clavel are exhibited, the only one in the world to create three-dimensional textile sculptures by hand.
The Gianbecchina Institution, an art gallery which contains the works of the Sambucese painter Gianbecchina.

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